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President of Russia
President of Russia
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Basic Training Script

on Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:02 am
Welcome to the Basic Training Script

Hello! Welcome to the Basic Training for The Russian Government
I am [username] and I will be training you today.
I ask that you refer to me as [Sir/Ma'am] at ALL times throughout this session.
If I am going too fast with the text at any time please feel free to say so.
If not, please refrain from talking unless directed to and remain seated at ALL times.
If you need to go somewhere urgently please whisper to me unless you are the only one in the room.
Otherwise please do not go AFK/BRB/IDLE at any point or you will fail this session automatically.
Failure to follow any of these rules will result in failure of this session.
Remember to pay attention or to take notes as there will be a quiz/test at the end.

Any Questions?

[Wait for trainees to respond]

Basic Information
This is the Basic Information that ALL employees are expected to know:
The current President is: Ocean.
The current Prime Minister is: .png
The Term "LR" stands for "Low Rank". The Term "HR" stands for "High Rank".
All High Rank employees will have [#iC] at the end of their motto.
All High Rank employees must be addressed as Ma'am/Sir at ALL Times.
The four main branches within the Russian Government are;
Cabinet, Federal Assembly, Supreme Court and Federal Security Service

Any Questions?

[Wait for trainees to respond]

Russian Government Branch's

As stated in the Basic Information, we have four main branches in the Russian Government
Each branch has a different duty within the Russian Government and they are as followed:

CABINET - Oversees various Russian Government areas, depending on the Cabinet role.

SUPREME COURT - Holds real or mock trials, they also vote whether bills are either constitutional or not.

FEDERAL SECURITY SERVICE- Trains new employees and maintains security of the Russian Government.

FEDERAL ASSEMBLY - Writes and debates on bills that will be voted into become law.

Any Questions?

[Wait for trainees to respond]

Russian Government Rules

Now we will move onto the rules. ALL employees are required to follow our rules.
Failure to follow the rules will result in a strike.
ONE strike is a verbal warning.
TWO strikes will result in a demotion (rank reduction)
THREE strikes will result in a dismissal (getting fired)

These are the rules:
1. Respect EVERYONE in the The Kremlin, employee or not.
2. Do NOT excessively swear, spam or used colored chat within HQ.
3. Do NOT enable effects or dance within the headquarters.
4. ALWAYS wear the correct Badge, Uniform and Motto within the HQ.
5. Do NOT ask for rights or a promotion at ANY time.
6. Do NOT double job [Have two or more jobs] or promote yourself.
7. Do NOT enter the VIP room unless ranked 7iC or higher.
8. Do NOT enter any teleporters unless authorized to do so.
9. NEVER go AFK or IDLE at the Front Desk.
10.Follow the Habboon Way at ALL times in any Russian Government related room.

Any Questions?

[Wait for trainees to respond]

Russian Government Commands

I will now go over commands that are used frequently and daily in the HQ.
FTF [Fill the Front] - Sit at the front desk and help recruit civilians.
FTB [Fill the Back] - Sit in the AFK room.
BTB [Back to Base] - Go back to the White House.
GC [Gate Control] - Fill the security area to let people into the Russian Government
AE [At Ease] - Return or sit back down to your post.
CTH [Clear the halls] - Go sit in a room or FTF.


We will now go over the ATTENTION (ATT) command.
This command is one of the most popular and most frequently used commands in the Russian Government
Please remain quiet and seated whilst I demonstrate.
1. Once called to ATTENTION, stand up in one space.
2. Wave [a text shortcut to wave is o/ ].
3. Say "Sir Yes Sir" or "Ma'am Yes Ma'am".
4. Once you are told to "AE" or "At Ease" sit back down.

Any Questions?
We will now practice ATTENTION! procedure.
We are now moving onto the test.

You will be asked 7 questions, to pass you need to get a 5/7.

Good Luck !

1. Who is the current President of Russia?
A. Ocean.

2. Who is the current Prime Minister
A. .png

3. List two Russian Government commands and what they mean.
A. See Commands List

4. List two of the Russian Government rules.
A. See Rules List

5. List two of the Russian Government branches.
A. Cabinet, Federal Assembly, Supreme Court, Federal Security Service

6. How many strikes do you need to be fired?
A. 3 Strikes

7. Attention!

Recruitment is crucial in the Russian Government as we try to get as many employees as possible.
When recruiting, it is important that you use bold lettering.
Do you know how to do that?

While recruiting at the front desk, there are three simple steps. These steps will follow:
ASK if the civilian would like a job or if they need any help.
DIRECT them through the process by giving them the BADGE, MOTTO and UNIFORM.
BADGE - located on the flag.
MOTTO - [RG] - Trainee
CORRECT them on any mistakes they make during the process.

Any Final Questions?

Congratulations! You have passed the Russian Government Basic Training.

Please change your motto to the following:
[RG] FSS Cadet I [tag] [AB]

Please request the [RG] - State Cadet ID badge on the left flag.

If you have any final questions or would like a tour, just let me know.
Russian Government employees are glad to help you at any time.
Ask them any questions you may have throughout your career.
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